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Card Access Control

Requesting Access Control Systems

These guidelines are applicable to current and future university sites under the operational jurisdiction of San Diego State University. They apply to currently installed card access control systems and to those installed in new construction or as part of any major or minor capital improvement projects.


The System

High-capacity, computerized card access control systems are operated throughout the university. In each system, an electronic or electromechanical device replaces or supplements mechanical key door access. Magnetic card keys (normally credit card style) are used to unlock doors. Access to specific doors by individuals is determined by the department in which the area is located. The system provides entry access to various doors within a building and provides automatic locking and unlocking of specific doors or groups of doors at prearranged times during the day.


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm
(Closed on San Diego State University Holidays)


Broken Keys

Broken keys and damaged access control cards will be replaced, provided you return the broken pieces and/or damaged cards to Key Issue. Complete a new Key Issue Authorization Form, signed by the Dean or department designee. Bring the broken pieces, or damaged card, along with the completed Key Issue Authorization Form, your SDSU Red ID Card, and valid e-mail address to the Key Issue Window, located in the Public Safety Building. Replacement keys and access control cards must be picked up in person.


Lost/Stolen Keys

Report all lost keys immediately. Lost/stolen key replacement requests must be accompanied by a new Key Issue Authorization Form, signed by the Dean or department designer.


Students will be charged a lost key fee payable at the Key Issue Service window, by cash, check, or credit card at the time the key is reported lost/stolen, and prior to re-issuance of the key. Replacement keys must be picked up in person.

Faculty/Staff Auxiliaries

Report all lost keys immediately. Lost/stolen key replacement requests must be accompanied by a new Key Issue Authorization Form signed by the Dean or department designee.

The SDSU Key Issuance and Control Policy [PDF] states that "all departments, colleges, divisions and auxiliaries are responsible for fees associated with any keys or key cards, which are not returned, lost or broken and/or their replacement." Consistent with this policy, Public Safety instituted a new lost/replacement key fee which was effective July 1, 2009.


Returning Keys (Drop Box)

The key drop box is located next to the Key Issue Window, located in the Public Safety Building. This service provides a convenient method for returning keys. Keys returned after hours are credited as returned on the following business day. It is your responsibility to determine that your key issue account is cleared of outstanding keys (key issue does not automatically issue receipts). Key Issue does not assume responsibility for keys placed in the key drop box.

Key Drop Box Procedure

“Key Return” envelopes are provided adjacent to the Key Issue window. Fill out envelope information completely (name, Red ID #, E-mail address, phone). Please print clearly. List each key individually. Multiple keys with the same Key ID Number must be listed separately. If returning a Control Access Card, write the number from the card on the Key ID number line.

  • Key ID Number (usually alpha-numeric) is stamped into the key.
  • Issue Number is stamped below the Key ID Number. If there is no Issue Number, write “None”.

Remove keys from any key ring and place in envelope along with your Control Access Card. Seal envelope and place in drop box. Incomplete information will delay the crediting of the key(s) to your account. Check back with Key Issue to make sure your account has been credited.


Signature Authorization Form

Signature Authorization Form [PDF]

A new form must be filled out every six months in order for SDSU Police to keep up-to-date with those authorized to sign. The dean of your department or your department’s authorized signer completes the form.

Please read the directions carefully and fill out the information completely.

1. Authorized Signer Information (PLEASE PRINT):

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Department
  • Mail Code
  • Phone Number
  • Authorized Buildings (Buildings they can sign for)
  • Authorized Rooms (Rooms they can sign for)

2. Dean or department head: print name and sign

3. Designated authorized signer: print name and sign

4. Send completed form to the Key Issue at Mail Code 4390, or hand deliver to the Key Issue Window, at the Public Safety Building.

Note: Incomplete forms will be returned and keys will be withheld until the signature authorization form is properly filled out.


State Keys

To obtain a key you must:

  1. Obtain an SDSU “Key Issue Authorization Form” from your department. The form must be filled in and signed by the Dean or the authorized signer for your department. Please note: this form is a multi-part document, not available on-line. Your department will have a supply on-hand.
  2. Bring your SDSU Red-ID Card. Keys will not be issued without one.
  3. You’ll be asked for your current e-mail address. If you don’t have one, first visit Telecommunication Network Services to apply for an e-mail account.
  4. Bring the completed form and your SDSU Red ID Card to the Key Issue Window, at the Public Safety Building.
  5. Keys must be picked up in person.

Student Notice

  1. All keys and access control cards must be returned by the due date or a penalty fee will be charged. Fees are paid at the Key Issue service window with cash, check, or credit card. Due dates are stamped on receipts, as well as posted at the Key Issue window.
  2. Keys may be renewed up to three weeks before the due date, at the discretion of the Dean or the department designee.

Faculty / Staff Notice

  1. Keys are returned to the Key Issue window.
  2. Keys are issued to individuals only and must be picked up in person.


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